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OL5 In Belgium

Explore the latest advances in wetland restoration at the Open Lab 5 in Belgium. Discover more!

Estonian wetland

Wetland restoration is crucial for both emotional and environmental well-being. Discover more in our new video.

REWET group picture at the ADBPO

REWET partners met in Parma for their periodical meeting. Discover more. 


REWET, RESTORE4Cs, WET HORIZONS, and ALFAwetlands have organized a series of webinars to involve young researchers. Read more. 

REWET researcher

The EU Nature Restoration Law was adopted by the European Parliament in late February. Despite a diluted ambition, it is an essential step towards restoring European ecosystems. 

Rewet 2024

The team of the University of Évora and Cámara Municipal de Alpiarça has set up the Eddy Covariance tower in the Paul da Gouxa Open Lab.

Machinery working at the REWET OL5 in Belgium

The restoration plan at Open Lab 5 in Belgium commenced last November. Read more.

BOKU team setting the EC tower

The team in Austria has assembled the equipment to measure the GHG fluxes of the Morava River wetland. Read more.

Frog with a water plant

We invite to join us in the first REWET event on the role of inland wetlands and peatlands in mitigating climate change.

Conservation status of EU Habitats in Europe

The EU Nature Restoration Law is crucial for restoring European nature after decades of biodiversity loss.

Image featured in the cover of the SERNews magazine dedicated to REWET restoration

REWET has been featured in the SERNews magazine. Download it here. 

European Peatlands Initiative logo

Peatlands are fundamental for our ecosystem and there are several initiatives supporting them. Discover more. 

wetland similar to REWET

We need your help to gather your insights on the latest innovation trends in restoration of wetlands. 

REWET and WET Horizons

In the occasion of the World Water Week, REWET and WET horizons describe their commitment to restore wetlands for cleaner waters.

Eddy covariance Tower in Estonia

The team in Estonia has assembled the equipment to measure the GHG fluxes of the Ess-soo wetland. Read more. 

OL3 Finland

Finland is one of the countries where REWET restoration activities will take place. In this short article, we discover more about the measurement of OL3 emissions in Ylpässuo.

REWET consortium visiting the OL in Portugal

Hosted by the Cámara Municipal de Alpiarça and the University of Évora, REWET partners met in Portugal and visited the Portugues Open Lab. Read more. 


The REWET team started performing field activities for the measuring of greenhouse gas emissions in the Open Labs. Here we discover what has been done in The Netherlands. 


In the framework of the UN water conference, REWET has been invited to a round table at the EU delegation of the UN in New York, the USA. Check the details of the event here.

Ecosystem services

As part of the activities organized to celebrate World Wetlands Day, some of our colleagues attended the webinar “It’s time for wetlands restoration”.

Wildlife reserve

World Wetlands Day - 2nd February 2023: “It's Time for Wetlands Restoration”.


REWET project consortium met in Seville, Spain, on 19 and 20 October 2022 for the kick-off meeting. Read more here.