REWET consortium reunites in Portugal for the second Consortium meeting

Hosted by the Cámara Municipal de Alpiarça and the University of Évora, REWET partners met in Portugal and visited the Portugues Open Lab. Read more. 

REWET consortium meeting in Portugañ

The second REWET project consortium meeting took place from 9 May to 12 May 2023 in the picturesque town of Alpiarça, Portugal, and has been a significant milestone in the field of wetland conservation and research. Organized by the Municipality of Alpiarça and the University of Évora, the 18 partners of REWET met for three days to discuss, collaborate, and strategize on various aspects of wetland preservation and management in the at the museum Casa dos Patudos. 

Day 1 - Setting the Stage

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from the organizers, especially Professor Ana Mendes from the University of Évora and Joana Eusebio from the Municipality of Alpiarça, and from the project coordinator Vanessa Ferreira de Almeida. A substantial portion of the day is dedicated to Work Package 2, which focuses on Open Labs and monitoring. Vanessa provides a summary and encourages brainstorming for future endeavours. Discussion continues with work package 4 and modelling in wetland conservation. The first day wrapped up with a delightful dinner at Quinta da Atela, the owners of 75% of the Paúl da Gouxa wetland. 

Day 2 - Exploring Nature Reserves and More

The second day has been dedicated to the detailed field visit in the natural reserve of Paul da Gouxa, where participants could get a first-hand look at wetland ecosystems. Lunch was held at the Cavalo Sorraia reserve, where REWET partners could also meet the Sorraia horses, a very rare and ancient species of horse. During the afternoon, WP3  on Mapping wetlands status in Europe with IDENER and RSS was carried out. The day finished with a visit and dinner to Quinta da Lagoalva. 

Day 3 - Nature Time and Engagement with Stakeholders

The third day of the Open Labs Conference promised an exciting blend of nature, conservation, and celebration. The consortium visited the wetland that is the object of the restoration activities in Portugal, Paul da Gouxa, which is 75% property of the Quinta da Atela, a Portuguese winery. Following our nature-filled morning, we transition into a series of meetings focusing on wetland conservation. These meetings serve as a crucial platform for discussions with key stakeholders who play pivotal roles in preserving our wetlands. 

Day 4 - Round Tables and Social Aspects

On the fourth day of the Open Labs Conference, the focus shifts to round table discussions and exploring the social aspects of wetland conservation. The day commences at 9:30 with a dedicated session in Alpiarça, emphasizing the importance of engaging with local stakeholders in our conservation efforts. The afternoon brings us to the heart of the conference's intellectual exchange with round tables, featuring thought-provoking discussions on monitoring, policies, and the social dimensions of Open Labs. 

Conclusion of the Second Consortium Meeting

The REWET meeting has been an exceptional event, uniting experts and enthusiasts dedicated to the conservation and research of wetlands. With a comprehensive agenda spanning various aspects of this critical field, this gathering had the potential to drive positive change and collaboration in wetland preservation efforts worldwide. Stay tuned for updates and insights from the REWET project.

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